Falling In Reverse Converse

Nikki’s P.O.V. Holy flamming tits, today’s the concert!! I couldn’t be more excited about it!! I’m going to be wearing my gray skinnies, my Falling In Reverse shirt and bracelets, my sexy black converse and my epic teased hair. I really am happy about seeing them in concert, but I REALLY want to see Ronnie.

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Who Is Your Lead Singer Husband? LishaLemons. 1. 10. Where would you go for a first date? Fancy Restaurant. Concert. Style of clothing? Skinny jeans, T-shirt and converse. Shorts, tank top, sneakers. A dress and heels. PJs. 4. 10. Hair color? Black. Red. Blond with purple tips. Black to Blond.

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Falling in Reverse & Escape the Fate – why can’t they coexist? December 9, 2012 I recommend you all check out the band BatAAr from Sweden! you can listen to them on youtube and spotify.

Official Falling in Reverse merch & music. Fuck The Rest Raglan Tee (Wht/Blk) by Falling In Reverse

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Falling In Reverse Quite quickly, Falling In Reverse will divide your opinion. With former Escape The Fate frontman Ronnie Radke never far from ruffling a few feathers, when you forget all of the other factors for a second, Falling In Reverse’s sound is an American post-hardcore band that infuse rap, pop and metalcore.

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"The drug in me is you" it sings. I turned around seeing a band named "falling in reverse" playing on stage. I had to Admit lead singers are the hottest. I laughed to myself and took my change and my bag. I went to go look for another booth and saw falling in reverse I had to go over there for a CD.