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Money Market Interest Calculator is an online personal finance tool to calculate final return on an opening deposit and series of yearly deposits for a particular period of time. Opening deposit, annual contribution, interest rate and maturity period are the key terms to figure out the total return on the MMA or MMDA account.

"Days on the Market" is a count used on the MLS to let Realtors know how many calendar days a property’s current listing has been on the market. "Cumulative Days on the Market" reflects how many days the property and all of its listings have been on the market.

If you want to find out the market period for a correctly marketable listing, you should count it from the day that the property was listed to the day that it got an accepted offer. If the listing price was revised or canceled/re-listed, you should count from last price revision or re-list to the day that it got an acceptable offer.

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The Compete Score rates how difficult it is to win a home in an area. Using a combination of proprietary Redfin data and data from the Multiple Listing Services (MLS), the Compete Score is primarily calculated based on four inputs: number of competing offers, waived contingencies, sale to list ratio, and number of days on market.